the realm of angels is the realm of man

we feel we are not meant to fly

we feel we cannot do it but we can

you can feel it so can i

we can feel all kinds of things

even though we dont have wings

and sometimes we dont want to feel

and we wish it wasnt real

like when youre scared or angry at a friend

or when you want the ones you miss

but we dont have to make jokes or pretend

its okay to feel like this

we can talk about it too

you tell me and ill tell you

sometimes its easier to sing

even though we dont have wings

theres absolutely nothing wrong

with being brave and singing songs

most times we cant compare to saintly deeds

but you dont have to be a blazing star

to be a light in darkness

you can sparkle just the way you are

sometimes we burn too bright and blink in blindness

when we labor like the great big sun

our hearts are small but even full of kindness

they have room for everyone

good people sometimes do bad things its true

but you cant walk through life upon your knees

and we can make our makebelieves

but weve still got to do it do it do

im holding out a hand of love to you

so be my neighbor wont you please