Hello to you! I am Good Sir Darcy, and welcome to I Have No Idea: A Classy Blog-about. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

You, sir or madam, have happened upon a blog, a blog that is and shall be exceptional, time and talent permitting.

Because this blog is new to the world, and because I am very new to the idea of blogging, I would like to start off properly by sharing a bit about who I am and identifying a few expectations and visions I have for this site. Once this boring dribble is out of the way, we can then get on with it, I assure you.

As I stated previously, I am Good Sir Darcy, the author of this blog. I consider myself (and am considered by many) to be an intellectual, someone who is well-versed in many subjects and disciplines. I am wise, but not omniscient. I am proud, but I fall short of arrogance. I harbor deep reservoirs of kindness in my heart, as well as a strong and rational sense of justice. And I wish to say nothing more of myself, for I am, above all other things, a gentleman, and a gentleman values his modesty more than his pride.

I shall, however, have much more to say about many things, which brings me to the vision I have for this blog. I intend for this to be a space where I can freely engage any topic of discourse, offering my opinion in as many words as I deem necessary. What this means in the layman's tongue is that I (and the esteemed gentleman who assists me in monitoring this blog) decide what is expressed here and how it is expressed. Perhaps the opinions of others will be discussed, supported, or refuted here. Perhaps there will be links to media or other sources of information here. Mostly, however, this is and shall be a place where my voice is the one that is heard. I believe that my knowledge and perspectives are incredibly valuable, and I want this blog to be a place where I can share those things with any individual who cares to experience them.

I should say that I am not taking this lightly. I am aware of the power of the written and spoken word--the power to inform and enlighten, to sway opinions and induce doubt, to move people to action--and I have a profound respect for it. Because this is a space of free expression, I will make you no definite, inviolable promises about the content or tone of the writing that I will post here. However, I will strive to eliminate ignorance from my words, I will remain open-minded when possible, and I will always do my best to write from a place of honesty and benevolence.

As for what exactly I intend to discuss, I do not fully know. I fancy the idea of alternating between serious and humorous posts, and, initially, I will be writing about topics that are aligned with my own interests. I am open to suggestions, however, and perhaps in the future, the topic of discourse could be determined by readers through some democratic means (e-mail suggestions or something of the like). Time will tell, I suppose.

For now, however, I will say no more. I do hope that this has served as a satisfactory introduction to what exactly it is that I will be doing with this space. It is my truest wish, sir or madam, that you linger here for as long as you like, and that, in doing so, you find something that will enrich your life forever. Until our next meeting, my friends, and may there be many more yet to come.

Ever yours, and ever classy,

Good Sir Darcy