oh, you afraid to get support?

you should be scared

you ever ask for help before

and it just isn't fuckin there?

they give you every reason not to speak

like, we don't talk about that stuff

you want the world to know you're weak?

when I was growin up, now that was rough

you probably haven't prayed enough

you keep that shit inside

don't ever let it show

well, Jesus Christ, I'm only nine

how was I supposed to know?

I'm countin numbers in my head, man

tryna make em even

was it somethin that I said, man?

why the fuck you up and leavin?

but that's what happens when you tell a friend

it's always a mistake

you wanna talk to them again

you better keep it fake

for everybody else's sake

cause you don't wanna burden no one else

nah, just go on hurtin, maybe go and hurt yourself

that should get em talkin, make em come around and say

hey, man, I know things are crazy, but it's gonna be okay

you just gotta hang on one more day

one more impossible day

another hospital stay

gee, I wonder what the doctor'll say

cause the doc can talk a fine game

but a pill can't kill this kind of pain

and they say I'm insane

you want me high on meds forever

can you prescribe my family back together?

fuckin whatever

you ask me one more time how it makes me feel

I think I'll choke on it

cause if I'm bein real

I'd rather drink and smoke on it

yea, I know I'm in that shit too deep

and everyone can tell

but hey, it helps me get to sleep

so what the hell, I might as well

and if I wanted to, no lie, I could go without it

you want some more truth? let's talk about it

cause you swear that you care

but I really doubt it

hey, you got a problem, man, you can't ignore it

if you need some help, I think you gotta ask for it

well, shit, I never thought of— fuck you, I can't afford it

let me take a minute, think about what I need

how bout the water bill and the kids I gotta feed?

walkin on the streets, you know what I found?

people talkin to themselves, sleepin on the hard ground

I hope you gotta lotta love

there ain't enough to go around

but keep pretendin it's okay

and shit's fair

we ask for help every day

it just isn't fuckin there