Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey:

As a resident of New Jersey, I am disgusted by how you voted on Bernie Sanders' proposal to import necessary drugs from Canada at lower cost to American citizens. Senator Sanders' proposal represented a highly practical solution to the price-gouging practices of large pharmaceutical corporations whose unchecked greed negatively impacts millions of hard-working Americans. You say that you voted against this proposal because imported drugs from Canada cannot be guaranteed safe for consumption under FDA guidelines, but this is nothing more than an attempt to distract your constituents with an argument of fear; it is a lie. In reality, Canada's regulation of pharmaceutical substances is far more stringent and comprehensive than the regulations of the United States, so if anything, Canadian drugs should logically be much safer for consumption than American drugs. Further, most of the drugs that would be imported under Senator Sanders' proposal are actually produced by U.S. corporations under U.S. regulations before being shipped to Canada. For these reasons, your political dodge is doubly ridiculous.

The real reason why you voted against the proposal is because you have accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in legalized bribery from the corporations whose profits would suffer if the proposal were to be made into law. You voted against the proposal because these corporations paid you to do the wrong thing. The extent of your corruption is evident to anyone who is even remotely informed about politics. Please do not run for re-election, and step aside to make way for a candidate who will actually represent and fight for the needs of the American people.


A Concerned Citizen