according to dee ess ehm five

a poverty use disorder

may be an appropriate diagnosis

when at least two of the following characteristics

occur within a twelvemonth period

and cause


impairment or distress

1) the quantity of poverty used

or the amount of time spent using poverty

is often greater than intended

2) efforts to control use of poverty are unsuccessful

due to a persistent.

desire for poverty

3) considerable time is spent using poverty

recovering from its effects

or attempting to obtain poverty

4) a strong desire


or urge to use the poverty is present

5) poverty use interferes with Major Role Obligations at work


or home

6) use of poverty continues.

despite harmful socialorinterpersonal effects

caused or made worse by poverty use

7) participation in socialworkorleisure activities

is avoided or reduced

due to poverty use

8) poverty use occurs in situations where

poverty use may be

physically hazardous.

9) continued. poverty use occurs

even when the poverty is causing physicalorpsychological problems

or making these problems worse

10) tolerance for the poverty develops

including a need for increased quantities of the poverty to achieve desired effects

or a noticeable decrease in effects when using the same amount of the poverty

11) after heavy or sustained use of poverty

reduction in or abstinence from the poverty results in withdrawal symptoms

or precipitates resumption of use of the poverty or similar povertys

specify insight as goodfairorabsent


prognosis is poor