i beheld the sky

one day looking up by chance

[curved/bent] by [bands/bows?] of [cloudy/painted?] light

and i smiled with the awe of it

and after a moment

my arms went up

and i held the sky

like a great [sphere/marble?] in my [willing/killing?] palms

and i [wondered at/chased away?] my amazement with a [laugh/song/breeze]

for why would the sky be out of reach

when I dwell in my [dread/secret] [father's/mother's?] [house/halls/dominion]

whose arms [curved/bent] a [band/bow?] of [cloudy/painted?] light

to [will/kill?] the [darkness/emptiness]

whose hands hold up the sky

but never hold us [down/near?]?

-translated from Old Elvish, commonly attributed to Vician Orn the ancient dragonslayer