i believe insensible hope strategic

rationed rooted rationally reasonready

cobbled close like banded mail

one thinsufficient slat besideupon

another to cover the hwole

hope like math musical

metere out the phrased days of

dead fools dying on their

feet pound pavement perfectly for


from pearlyprieve expect regate a hell

maybate they masturjust as well

what hope is that it is not

mine for meaning dig down although

they hope that down is up

what hope is that it is not

upreaching for cloudkingdumbs on high they would

build by belief a hwole hwolly hospice they hwould

hwold up the hwole damn hworld and

hwonder hwhy arms ache nails break on empty sky

when of course down is not up

what hope is that it is not

up down is down and reaching

up they dig down digging

graves to gather all their hwope can give

i believe in hope sensibly fed

to let the living live

and kill the dead