(To the tune of James Taylor's "Frozen Man")


As long as I remember, growing up,

Momma had me drinking from a running cup.

All I wanted was to run and play,

a child born into the light of day.

I was raised by a river beneath the trees.

I felt the snow and the summer breeze.

I looked for God in all of these,

but the sun got in my eyes.

Lord have mercy on a faithless man.


Father, are you there? You know, I read your book.

It was a pretty good story, it was worth the look.

It said a lot of nice things about love and peace—

I wish your foolish flock would read a few of these.

Men don't act like you say they should—

they turn their backs on brotherhood.

Did it really even do much good

to walk our world again?

Lord have mercy on a faithless man.


Messenger, don't you know there's a grave

for every person who you try to save?

It doesn't much matter what you do or say—

we're all going the same old way.

All we owe in life is death—

we pay a little bit with every breath,

and when we settle up, there's nothing left,

and that's just how it is.

Lord have mercy on a faithless man.