your anger enangers me let me proceed

to put an end to it – ill never concede!

and brevity being the soul of wit

now let me belabor as i see fit

the point of it all which is briefly to say

(ive driven my friends and my family away)

well the point of it all is (i really just wish you

would listentome) no that isnt the issue

the fact is youre wrong (and youre also my brother)

and im prosomethingone and youre antitheother

and i know that we never (only) see eye to (for an) eye

(i dont want us to fight) on this hill i (we) will die!

you may not have asked (though i wish that you would)

but ill say how i feel and end it for good –

your bloated opinions are swollen sick

clinging to relevance like a tick