i have battered the battlements

of people's bullshit

led crusade made clarion calls

against their injustices petty

forgettable my voice

indistinctly heard over

theirs like a deep-distant war-drum

drowning words flung like javelins

from the kitchen without looking almost

to the living-room return volley almost

answering without looking almost

listening for footfalls in advance

reaching for a buttress bracing spears

against their injustices ready

for the coming charge that is clearly coming it

comes whenbecauseofcourse they ready

now follows close combat cruel deadly dance

duck in deal damage having harmed disengage

daily maybeseveraltimes pulling

back to camp rinsewrap wounds repeat

daily maybeseveraltimes

rage and madness drawing lines

young as i am i am

already tired of

battering am battered myself

have harmed thoroughly rinsewrapped

regrettable my voice

frowning words flung like howveyoubeens

rather would i like to

battlements those battered i walk

go lonely those stones below

take a husk of history and dread

fill its halls with simpering song instead

can't i but